With the Karnataka assembly polls approaching, the state government is taking unique measures to raise voter awareness.

Garbage autos have been deployed throughout the state to beam messages on the importance of voting.

These garbage autos, which are typically used for waste collection, have been fitted with LED screens displaying messages that encourage citizens to vote. The initiative is aimed at reaching out to people living in remote areas who may not have access to traditional communication methods.

The garbage autos have been seen in various parts of Karnataka, including Bangalore, Mysore, and Mangalore, and are receiving positive responses from the locals. The messages are displayed in Kannada, the local language, making it easier for people to understand and relate to the initiative.

This unique approach not only showcases creativity but also cost-effectiveness. It is an excellent example of how innovative solutions can be used to address societal issues. This initiative emphasizes the importance of using unconventional methods to reach out to the masses.

The Karnataka assembly polls are a critical event, and it is vital for every citizen to participate. The use of garbage autos to raise voter awareness is an innovative way to engage people in the electoral process. It is a step in the right direction to create an informed and responsible electorate.