New Delhi, April 3 (PTI) – Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared.

New Delhi, April 3 (PTI) – Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared on Monday that there is no shortage of political will to tackle corruption and urged officers to take firm action against corrupt individuals, no matter how powerful they may be.

In a statement delivered during a conference with top officials, Modi emphasized the importance of honesty and integrity in public service and said that corruption is a major obstacle to the development of the country.

“Corruption is a major hindrance to the progress and development of our nation. It not only affects the image of the government, but it also harms the common man who is struggling to make ends meet. Therefore, there is no dearth of political will today to act against corruption,” Modi said.

He also urged officers to take swift and decisive action against corrupt officials, regardless of their position or influence.

“Officers should take action against the corrupt, however powerful, without any hesitation. I assure you that if you take such action, the government will stand behind you,” he added.

Modi’s call for action against corruption comes at a time when there have been several high-profile cases of corruption in the country, including the recent Punjab National Bank scam, in which a number of high-ranking officials were allegedly involved.

The prime minister also stressed on the need to use technology to improve the transparency and efficiency of the government’s work and to make it easier for citizens to access government services.

“Technology can be a great enabler in fighting corruption. We need to leverage technology to create a transparent, accountable, and efficient government,” he said.

Modi’s statement was welcomed by many, who see it as a positive step towards a more transparent and accountable government.

“The prime minister’s statement is very encouraging. It shows that the government is serious about tackling corruption and that it is committed to creating a more transparent and accountable system,” said a political analyst.

Overall, Modi’s call to action against corruption sends a strong message that the government is committed to creating a clean and corruption-free India. It is now up to officers to act on his words and make it a reality.